Dog Park Dissidents

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Magnificent Bastards

Dog Park Dissidents' 2024 concept album, featuring a companion comic book by Mueritos

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Out With A Bang

The lead single off Magnificent Bastards

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The Pink and Black Album

Dog Park Dissidents' debut album, featuring the hit single Queer as in Fuck You, available on vinyl or digital

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Dog Park Dissidents are a queer punk rock band from New Orleans, Long Island, and Philadelphia. Featuring Zac Xeper (he/they, lead vocals), Jon Greco (he/him, guitar), Joe Bove (he/him, bass), Zeke Xander (they/them, drums), and Skylar Stravinsky (she/they, guitar). They bend genres, genders, and decency, blending old-school anarchist punk energy with contemporary pop punk and flamboyant low camp. Also, they are dogs.

Since releasing their breakout viral single Queer as in Fuck You in 2017, Dog Park Dissidents has been gaying up the punk rock scene with their high-energy, high-chaos live shows. Across two vicious and ambitious albums, the band shoves their deviant lifestyle in mainstream rock's face, frightening parents and causing widespread moral panic.


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