Dog Park Dissidents

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The festive and snarling new holiday single from Dog Park Dissidents

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ACAB For Cutie

The latest EP from Dog Park Dissidents, featuring Pronouns and Class Struggle

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Dog Park Dissidents are a queer punk rock band from New Orleans, Long Island, and Philadelphia. Featuring Zac Xeper (he/they, lead vocals), Jon Greco (he/him, guitar), Joe Bove (he/him, bass), Zeke Xander (they/them, drums), and Skylar Stravinsky (she/they, guitar). They bend genres, genders, and decency, blending old-school anarchist punk energy with contemporary pop punk and flamboyant low camp. Also, they are dogs.

Since releasing their breakout viral single Queer as in Fuck You in 2017, Dog Park Dissidents has been gaying up the punk rock scene with their high-energy, high-chaos live shows, 3 whirlwind scream-along EP releases, and that one time they were almost going to play a show with Against Me! in March of 2020 but, you know, they had to cancel it for some reason, who knows why. Currently signed to Say-10 Records for a forthcoming rerelease of their catalog remixed and mastered by Reade Wolcott and Jack Shirley, the band is primed to explode and shove their deviant lifestyle in mainstream rock's face, frightening parents and causing widespread moral panic.


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